PreAlgebra is for advanced 5th/ 6th graders to start prepare for middle school math.  Practice for math olympiad (M division) are incorporated into class.

 Chapter 1 to Chapter 11

Thursday 7:00-8:30

Tue. online 5:15-6:45


Enriched Algebra 1 class  is an enriched version of public school 8th grade curriculum.  Design for advanced 6th /7th grade students or students who have finished preAlgebra.   Chapter 1 to Chapter 11 of the book are covered.  A good preparation for Mathcounts and AMC.  Practice for Mathcounts and AMC8 are incorporated into class.

Monday 5:30-7:00


Enriched Geometry class is an enriched version for public school 8th/9th grade curriculum. Design for advanced students who have finished Algebra 1. It is also a preparation for MathCounts and AMC series. Practice for Mathcounts and AMC8/10 are incorporated into class.






 Enriched Algebra 2 class  is an enriched version of public school 9th /10th grade curriculum.  Design for advanced 8th /9th grade students or students who have finished Algebra1.   Chapter 12 to Chapter 22 of the book are covered.  A necessary fundation for AMC10.  Practice for  AMC8/AMC10 are incorporated into class.

Trigonometry  will be the main content for later half year after  Algebra 2 part is all covered.

7th edtion by James Steward

Precalculus Honor High school curriculum. For students who have learned Algebra2. Specific topics covered include trigonometry, complex numbers, vectors, and matrices. 

7th edtion by James Steward

Calculus AP    For students who have learned PreCalculus.  



Number Theory , Counting  Probability only


Competition Math for Middle School. This  course is designed for gifted middle school students who would like to master major area of competition math in short time. Contents cover   Counting, Probability, Number Theory, and Geometry for middle school.  Mathcounts and AMC8 practice will be part of the class. Recommend for advanced 6/7 grade students who have Algebra knowledge or 8th graders who just start math competition training. 


 Introduction for Counting and Probability is a thorough introduction for students in grades 7-10 to counting and probability topics such as permutations, combinations, Pascal's triangle, geometric probability, basic combinatorial identities, the Binomial Theorem, and more.

Recommended for  students who are preparing for MATHCOUNTS and AMC, and other students who are seeking to master the fundamentals of counting and probability. Basic algebra skill is required.


Introduction to Number Theory 

Fundamental principles of number theory, including primes and composites, divisors and multiples, divisibility, remainders, modular arithmetic, and number bases. 

This course is appropriate for students in grades 6-9 who have mastered basic algebra up through solving linear equations and manipulating multi-variable expressions.  Students who are already proficient with modular arithmetic and basic Diophantine equations do not need this course 


Vol1 is a classic problem solving textbook for students in grades 8-10 who are preparing for contests like MATHCOUNTS and the AMC 8/10/12. Volume 1 is appropriate for students who have learned Algebra and  just beginning in math contests path. MATHCOUNTS and novice high school students particularly have found it invaluable.   The emphasis on learning and understanding methods rather than memorizing formulas enables students to solve large classes of problems beyond those presented in the book. Practice for AMC10 are incorporated into class. 


Intermediate Algebra is for advanced students to prepare for AMC12 and AIME after they have finished Algebra1/2 and Geometry and have certain math competition experience.  Standard Algebra and PreCalculus  (public school 10th grade curriculum)  Advanced topics such as those  problem solving strategies required for success on AMC and AIME competitions are included. Practice for AMC10 and AIME are incorporated into class.